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21 February 2010 @ 02:37 pm
Animal Collective makes me think about the changing seasons, winter to spring in particular. And even more specifically, their Feels album reminds me of the sudden change in weather while I was studying in France. They put me in such a good mood. And it's so beautiful out today!

I got a bit of a pep-talk (or maybe more of a kick in the butt) from a friend last night about how I need to stop being so passive in my life and to make things happen. He criticized me for knowing so many French people in Richmond and not talking to any of them. I really need to improve my French, and I'm just not being proactive about it. I suppose I seem like such a privileged American to him. He grew up in Iraq, fled with his family to Lebanon when the war started, and now he's studying in America. And he's so fucking serious about his studies. He knows what he wants and he's doing it. I really need to stop whining about how things aren't falling in place in my life and actually pick them up and put them in place how I want them.