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28 January 2010 @ 07:50 pm
lazy Thursday  
My house is full of really big spiders. We find them crossing the kitchen at night, and we relocate them to the office, bathroom (don't ask me why), or laundry room. Last night, one got as far as the tv room and was crawling on the blanket I had wrapped on me while lounging on the sofa. *shudder* I'm not scared of spiders, but I don't want them walking on me. They look like grass spiders kind of. Here's a picture of a smaller one I just found as I was telling my mom a dream I had last night about trapping dozens of spiders under juice glasses in our kitchen. It's about the size of a quarter.
house spider #592
I'm sure a bigger one will cross my path before I finish typing up this entry and I'll get a better picture of the Hanchin Family Spider specimen. I suppose we could just move them outside, but it's going to get so cold tomorrow! SNOW!

Chelsea got her driver's license today. I'm so proud of her! In celebration, she got a Monroe piercing. Thinking about piercings makes me shudder almost as much as trapping spiders under cups.

I watched Paris, je t'aime today for the fifth or sixth time. And then I listened to Phoenix for hours. And then because I was feeling melancholy I read the "coup de pouce au destin" section of the Parisian Craigslist. That ended up not satisfying my mood, so I read these instead. That did the trick. I still miss France.

Oh, and Roxanne is pretty adorable.